Where is my container right now? Are the customers already supplied? Is our wheel loader already in service?

All these questions occur again and again in the area of scheduling, logistics or even maintenance – localization systems offer both real-time and usable data visibility to plants and assets such as containers, fleet, tools and much more within the manufacturing processes:


  • Fast ROI
  • IP68 GPS tracking
  • Improved safety of equipment and installations
  • Maximum flexibility by means of movement tracking (live monitoring) in/out of warehouses, locations, transporters and much more
  • Identify unused assets and devices – better visibility for resource management and productivity

Know where your vehicles and equipment are:

Underexploited machinery or unused containers cost unnecessary money. With the asset tracking solution, you can see where what is happening in order to make informed resource decisions.

  • Easy localization of assets
  • Find your containers, tools, machinery or equipment and re-assign them as needed
  • Order management solution

 Transparency of working hours for improved billing:

With the data provided by GPS location, you can automatically capture more accurate hours of work to provide better data for your business.

  • Increase the accuracy of customer billing
  • Receive daily reports with arrival and departure times