Downtimes are an unpleasant problem in production, as lost time cannot be made up and they cause unnecessary costs. DownTime Tracking automatically monitors and minimizes any downtime, and can record the cause via touchscreen.


  • Automatic detection of downtimes via PLC level
  • Detection of downtime durations down to the second
  • Dual detection via touchscreen
  • Downtime analyzes
  • Email notification in case of limit violation
  • Downtime Pareto analysis
  • MTBF and MTBA

Downtime tracking improves asset availability by reducing active downtimes and listing the reasons for them. This means you can react more quickly in the future and thus shorten production stops. Among others:

RevoCheck-OEE Enterprise
Evaluation and classification of downtimes (stetup time, malfunctions, maintenance, cleaning, etc.) Yes
Automated OEE-reporting Yes
Provision of data for continuous improvement process (CIP) Yes
Downtime Pareto analyse Yes
Email notification in case of limit violation Yes
Flexible user roles Yes
Status overview of all systems and machines Yes
Transparency of machine and production data Yes
Central recording of technical operation data (machine and production data, messages, malfunctions, maintenance data, material consumption, etc.) Yes

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