Create security – document digitally and mobile!

The motto “better safe than sorry” applies to fire protection documentation in particular.

Right from the start of the fire protection measures, make sure that all processes are recorded in full and with photo documentation. A system for fire protection documentation with a mobile app ensures this and is also easy to use.

Always with you and always in your pocket! – Mobile recording of all on-site inspections and defects and the ability to carefully document all fire safety precautions. At the same time, all data is stored in an audit-proof and traceable manner so that all information can be retrieved quickly and easily.

Save time with the digital fire safety book!

The fire safety book is the most important document for the fire safety officer: it contains all relevant information on preventive fire safety. It also forms the basis for fire protection concepts and the evidence required by law.

To summarise: to keep a professional and complete fire safety log, invest in a digital and mobile system and avoid paper chaos while saving valuable working time.

Advantages of a digital fire safety book

By keeping your tape protection book digitally, you benefit from numerous advantages. All data is stored centrally, can be accessed at any time and is not at risk of getting lost in the daily office routine. At the same time, you have many more digital options for illustrating your fire prevention measures.

Compared to an Excel fire safety book or handouts, a digital fire safety management system and an app will save you a lot of time and at the same time create a good record of your work.

  • Tracking of regular and recurring inspections

  • Planning maintenance intervals

  • Recording the fire protection inventory via QR or NFC scan

  • Automatic (regular) notifications and reminders

  • Protection of the digital fire logbook using passwords and encryption

  • Automatic assignment of photos to the circumstances, defects or hazards

  • Simple and fast report generation, protocols and expert opinions

  • Sustainable and complete documentation for more personal legal certainty and fewer discussions with authorities

  • Creation and tracking of automated processes

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