Transparent material flow in production operations!

How do you currently manage your warehouse?

Manually with an Excel list, handwritten with pen and paper, offline in the ERP system, etc. … there are many ways to map warehouse and inventory management. In summary, this includes all processes in which material is moved or stored – but what is the most optimal and simplest for your company? And what are the core tasks of warehouse management anyway?

Warehouse management is the organization of the warehouse structure, as well as the general organization, control and monitoring of all warehouse processes. These include goods receipt with receipt and storage, goods issue with picking, dispatch, stock transfers and stocktaking.

In order to run an effective warehouse management system, it must be a relief and support for your employees on a daily basis. This can be summarized in three words:

  • Control
  • Coordination
  • Communication

Simple and fast, a short and effective motto that reflects how a system should make day-to-day work easier for employees in the warehouse or company and support them at the same time:

Whether it’s incoming or outgoing goods, mobile booking in or out on site, checking material availability in real time; all of these points are possible with existing digital systems. Another advantage is that employees always have the entire warehouse and its information immediately available in their pocket on their smartphone!

Advantages of digital warehouse management
  • Cost reduction due to reduced stock shortages

  • Time savings through optimized warehouse processes

  • Increased inventory security with better planning options

  • Reduced excess stock of individual items

  • Increased efficiency through forward-looking warehouse planning

  • Increased productivity through paperless picking

  • Increased transparency about warehouse operations

  • Quality assurance through complete documentation

  • Optimum personnel planning through better warehouse utilization

  • Flexible, performance- and future-optimized warehouse management

What has changed here compared to the past?

In the past, programs or specially developed systems were only available offline; this meant that work or goods receipt could usually only be carried out in the office or at a specific location and not directly on site where it was exactly needed.

In the digital age, one of the main advantages is that everything can be recorded online and on the move on site in production, in the plant, on the factory premises – no matter where. à Saving time and resources.

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