The app that adapts to your company.

Guaranteed immediate relief in everyday company life – but how?

  • Reduces Downtime by 27%

  • Reduces operation costs by 10%

  • Reduces repair time by 20%

With five independet modules, RevoCheck is the perfect digital assistant for you company.

Versatile in operation:

Damage reports, fire protection, occupational safety or service records are important issues that can be easily performed with this module in the office or on the road.

Simpler task management, marketing, HR processes, project organization or coordination via this module.

Aufgabenmanagement, Marketing, HR Abläufe, Projektorganisation oder Koordination einfacher erledigt mittels diesen Modul.

Recurring tests, inspection rounds, digital test certificate – optimize your output with a digital CMMS.

Abwicklung des Probenmanagements und der Qualitätsfragen sowie Organisation der Labordaten uvm.

Digital fire safety book, self-checks, fire safety inventory, logs, certificates, etc. in real time.

We offer you:

Create workspaces and virtual boards to spur on work orders, responsible parties and collaboration.

Digitize servicing, organize maintenance, coordinate employees, reduce costs.

Automatic recording of downtimes, increasing plant efficiency (OEE) and thus reducing costs.

Complete gauge management digitally.

Tracking system with real-time visibility of assets, such as equipment, containers, tools, and more.

Digital fire protection book for mobile self-controls and integrated voice recognition.

“The RevoCheck Maintenance and OEE application improved our production planning and utilization of critical equipment.”

“In the filling area, we were able to increase our output with the Revotec solution.”

“Due to the size of our fleet and the number of systems at the different locations, the app is a major advantage for us, as we have all the information and tests on hand at all times. Our employees save more time and, above all, travel.”

– Mr. Megle, Head of production, IBIDEN AG

– Mr. Flieszer, Head of maintenance, Heineken

– Mr. Stipits, Managing Director, Stipits Entsorgung GmbH


Create checks, report problems and define responsible parties.


Complete recurring checks, maintenance or work packages.


Derive direct improvement according to PDCA view (Plan, Do, Check, Act) and get digital overview.