How do I reset my password if I’ve forgotten it?2023-11-22T10:55:48+01:00
How do I look up audits?2023-11-22T10:44:02+01:00
How do I look up duties on my calender?2023-11-22T10:45:16+01:00
How do I perform a check without network reception?2023-11-22T10:46:13+01:00
How to configure my modules?2022-07-18T14:01:44+02:00


  1. Lines: Define plant tree: Add location etc.
  2. Cell: Cost centers
    1. Tasks
    2. Respective auditors
    3. Users
    – Authorizations of users
    4. Areas (external/internal)
    5. Set up usage on desktop and in mobile app
  3. Add task/ check
    1. Task name
    2. Message to
    3. Area

Workflow: Test equipment module

Maintenance: Safety instructions

Tracker: Cells, GPS authorizations and map setting

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