Plans and concepts are visible to those responsible via an individual board, which makes cooperation and completing work assignments easier and clearer:

Advantages for your company:

  • Flexible workflow definition
  • No follow-up emails
  • Flexible workflow creation
  • Organize tasks quickly and easily
  • Connect any teams and departments
  • Track and coordinate projects jointly
  • Selectively focus problems & to-do lists
  • Reporting task
RevoWorkflow Cloud Enterprise
“on premises” solutions No Yes
Organization and department mapping Yes Yes
Activity protocols Yes Yes
MES/ ERP connection No Yes
Card record archive Yes Yes
Automated email notifications Yes Yes
Progress indicator checklist Yes Yes
File attachment Yes Yes
Fast, detailed overviews of front/ back of cards Yes Yes
Discussions Yes Yes
Easy- click clipboards for fast export Yes Yes
Easy drag- and drop editing Yes Yes
Easy organization with labeling, tags and comments Yes Yes
Easy upload (local devices, file explorer) Yes Yes
Only source of truth Yes Yes
Included memory 500 MB Unlimited
Developer API Yes Yes
EU-compliant server Yes Yes
Filter functions Yes Yes
Deadline warning and notifications Yes Yes
Views optimized for mobile devices Yes Yes
Indivdual/ group task assignment Yes Yes
Information assurance Yes Yes
Inline processing Yes Yes
iOS/ Android app Yes Yes
Customer service Yes Yes
SSL/ TLS data encryption Yes Yes
User import Yes Yes
Web application Yes Yes

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