Orders and information always in your pocket

By means of individually created orders, projects can be completed and signed, employees can be assigned to tasks and updates can be given even without receipt. With your craft app you can avoid constant unnecessary WhatsApp contact.

Every company is unique. That’s why RevoCheck offers customizable functions for your company:
A click on your craftmanship shows you our advantages.

Reduced office work due to digital and mobile job completion via app and quick and easy assignment of colleagues.

Reduced office work and paperwork thanks to digital documentation via app.

Simplified representation of orders with due date and employee:intra-assignment.

Construction site book, projects and employees: complete, create and coordinate on the move – on the desktop and via the app.

Construction site book, projects and employees: complete, create and coordinate on the move – on the desktop and via the app.

Administration and organisation of the responsible employees is also possible without paperwork.

Even without receipt, complaints and orders can be documented and managed – even with a digital signature.

Manage orders, employees and resources at the touch of a button

Orders, employees and resources are visible via the app and can be edited by those responsible

Documentation of customers’ wishes can be planned and completed in the app – also with a digital signature.

List of services and orders to the employees can be assigned – picture appendix included.

Direct communication between field staff and office with forwarding of documents – it can be that simple.

Always stay up to date with automatic notifications in case of malfunctions and error messages.

Documents from the field service can be sent to office staff at the push of a button.

Relevant documents and key data of the order are available online and offline at the push of a button

Whether in the office or in the field, customers can be informed without a reception.

Necessary documents can always be at your fingertips – thanks to digital processing in the app.

Quotation with quotation can be prepared by office staff at the touch of a button

Basic package

6Net/month per user
  • Annual payment by invoice – 5 free trial months

If your company grows, there are additional packages that include PDF documentation, management of multiple locations or project time recording.

Trial subscription

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