Digital fire protection management

Digitalisation has become a reality in many areas of life, such as the world of work. Smart Home, Smart Building or Industry 4.0 are just some of the areas in which digitalization is growing strongly. This transformation process not only affects the digital world, but also influences the framework factors of the analogue and offline environment.

Some of the points that will be relevant to fire protection in the future are:

OPTIMIZE internal organizational processes
ORGANIZE maintenance
COORDINATE self-checks & regular checks
Digital tools in the field of fire protection

Digital tools are tools or helpers that are available as an app or software on their smartphones, tablets or laptops, among others, to fire safety officers and external experts, thus making everyday work easier. Depending on the area of business or activity, they bring with them more flexibility and mobility.

What happened here early you may ask?

Previously, programs or specially developed systems were only available OFFLINE, i.e. the work or data recording could usually only be done in the office and not directly in the shop floor. In the digital age, one of the key advantages is that everything can be recorded online on site, in production, on site and wherever: à SAVING of time and resources.

Another option in the field of fire protection is to use QR codes and NFC tags in order to be able to retrieve and report data or information on site at any time, e.g. maintenance and inspection appointments or defect reports.

For example: fire extinguishers, wall hydrants, fire extinguishers, fire doors or risers.

Support & Facilitation for Fire Safety Officers

“Simple and fast”, a short, effective motto that describes how a system should facilitate the work of a fire safety officer in everyday life and support him in doing so.

Regardless of whether it is a question of mapping the fire protection book, tours, creating procedures/checklists or fire protection self-checks – all these points are possible with already existing digital systems. Another advantage is the sharing of data and appointments with internal departments and also external experts, i.e. all persons involved or affected have the same level of knowledge and can therefore not forget planned maintenance or acceptance.

Other benefits:

  • Online availability digitally and anywhere
  • Centrally maintained & maintained fire protection data
  • Report defects, take damage on the go

Solutions from RevoCheck

Organisation & Coordination

Each department and team functions independently within the company. Using innovative new systems, they collaborate collaboratively by organising teams, managing processes and individual departments.

  • Create & track automated processes
  • Focus problems & ToDo’s on a point-by-point basis
  • Optimising the flow of information
  • Reducing effort

Documentation & obligations according to standard

Especially in the area of fire protection, the most important components, such as documentation and traceability, as well as compliance with obligations according to the standard, are not to be neglected.

Therefore, here is another positive aspect in relation to the subject of digitization and your options for the fire protection officer:

  • Follow up regular and periodic reviews
  • Planning maintenance intervals
  • Documentation of audits, self-checks, acceptance
  • Record fire protection inventory using QR or NFC scan
  • Retrieve logs, proofs, certificates in real time
  • Reporting (reporting)